What is full form DRDO, DLITES, CFEES, RCI best 2021

What is full form DRDO, DLITES, CFEES, RCI best 2021


drdo recruitment
drdo recruitment

Friends, in this post today we will give you DRDO full form, full form of DRDO, DRDO full form in English, what is the full form of DRDO, DRDO recruitment, what is full form of DRDO, ITES, DRDO history, DRDO mining, DRDO Information related to established, DRDO means, DRDO expansion, DRDO offices, where is DRDO, mining of DRDO, DRDO branches, DRDO centers in India, DRDO labs in Hyderabad , DRDO locations in India, DRDO headquarters address, defense research, DRDO founded today Will be given in this post, which can prove very useful. For government jobs, for state police jobs, for railway jobs, and for general knowledge, etc.

DRDO Introduction and what is DROD
What is full form DRDO, DLITES, CFEES, RCI best 2021 DRDO is an organization created by the Government of India. DRDO manufactures any kind of weapon by conducting a research, which is responsible for making weapons for the defense of the country and other tasks related to the defense of the country. It is continuously working in making new weapons of advanced technology for the development of India’s defense systems.

There are three defense forces in India, the Navy, the Army, the Air Force, DRDO work to make all these three world class weapons and new equipment. Such as aircraft, weapons, vehicles used in combat, missiles, electronics, instrumentation, naval systems etc.

drdo full form headquarters
drdo full form headquarters

DRDO full form
D – defense
R – research
D – development
O – organization

History of DRDO and DRDO established
DRDO was established in the year 1958, when the defense items of India were purchased from outside the country. These items used to be around 70%. After the establishment of DRDO, some weapons were gradually made in India.

How to get admitted to DRDO. And DRDO recruitment
Examinations for jobs in DRDO are conducted. Which are taken by exam gate, set or ceptam.

Gate full form
G- graduate
A – aptitude
T – test
E – engineering
Graduate aptitude test engineering

Set full form
S – state
E – eligibility
T – test
State eligibility test

CEPTAM full form
Center for personnel talent management

ITES full form
I – information
T – technology
E – enabled
S – serves
DRDO centers in India and DRDO locations

What is full form DRDO, DLITES, CFEES, RCI best 2021

all full form drdo
all full form drdo

ANURAG full form
Advanced numerical research and analysis group
This institution is located in Hyderabad. Which works based on the computational system.

ASL full form
advanced system laboratory
This institution is also based in Hyderabad, which works based on the missile and HTRATEGIC system.

ADRDE full form
Aerial delivery research and development establishment (agra)

ADE full form
Aeronautical development establishment (bengaLuru)

ARDE full form
Amaments research and development establishment (pune)

CABS full form
Center for airborne system (Bengaluru)

CAIR full from
Center for artificial intelligence and robotics (Bengaluru)

CFEES full form
Center for fire explosives and environment safety (Delhi)

CHESS full form
Center for high energy systems and science (Hyderabad)

CVRDE full form
Combat vechicles research and development establishment (Chennai)

DARE full form
Defense avionics research establishment (Bengaluru)

DEBEL full form
Defense bio engineering and electro-medical laboratory (Bengaluru)

DEAL full form
Defense electronics application laboratory (Dehradun)

DFRL full form
Defense food research laboratory (Mysore)

DIBER full form
Defense Institute of Bio-Energy Research (Haldwani)

DIHAR full form
Defense Institute of High Altitude Research (Leh)

DIPAS full form
Defense Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences (Delhi)

DIPR full form
Defense Institute of Psychological Research (Delhi)

DL full form
Defense Laboratory (jodhpur)

DLRL full form
Defense Electronics Research Laboratory (Hyderabad)

DMSRDE full form
Defense Materials & Stores Research & Development Establishment (Kanpur)

DMRL full form
Defense Metallurgical Research Laboratory (Hyderabad)

DRDE full form
Defense Research & Development Establishment (Gwalior)

DRDL full form
Defense Research & Development Laboratory (Hyderabad)

DRL full form
Defense Research Laboratory (Tezpur)

DTRL full form
Defense Terrain Research Laboratory (Delhi)

GTRE full form
Gas Turbine Research Establishment (Bengaluru)

HEMRL full form
High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (Pune)

INMAS full form
Institute of Nuclear Medicines & Allied Sciences (Delhi)

IRDE full form
Instruments Research & Development Establishment (Dehradun)

ITR full form
Integrated Test Range (Balasore)

JCB full form
Joint Cipher Bureau (Delhi)

LASTEC full form
Laser Science & Technology Center (Delhi)

LRDE full form
Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (Bengaluru)

MTRDC full form
Microwave Tube Research & Development Center (Bengaluru)

NMRL full form
Naval Materials Research Laboratory (Ambernath)

NPOL full form
Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory (Kochi)

NSTL full form
Naval Science & Technological Laboratory (Visakhapatnam)

PXE full form
Proof and Experimental Establishment (Balasore)

RCI full form
Research Center Imarat (Hyderabad)

RNDE full form
Research & Development Establishment (pune)

SAG full form
Scientific Analysis Group (Kolkata)

SASE full form
Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment (Chandigarh)

SSPL full form
Solid State Physics Laboratory (Delhi)

TBRL full form
Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (Chandigarh)

VRDE full form
Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (Ahmednagar)

DRDO headquarters address
The permanent address of DRDO headquarters is in Delhi. Which is DRDO Bhavan Rajaji Marg New Delhi which has Pin Code 110011.

DRDO Tier-1 Syllabus
What is read in the syllabus of DRDO? DRDO examinations are done.
• Quantitative Ability / Aptitude
• General Awareness
• General Science
• General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability
• English Language (Basic Knowledge)

What is full form DRDO, DLITES, CFEES, RCI best 2021

drdo salary
drdo salary

DRDO Tier-2 Syllabus
According to the previous post its difference is its syllabus
• SET (Scientist Entry Test)
DRDO is conducted in two phases. The first written test and the second Interview under this, the selection of expectation is based on its performance and this exam is of three hours and under it, 150 Objective Type Questions of 500 marks are asked.

Section a
According to BA, B.Tech, M.Sc syllabus, 100 questions of 4 marks are asked out of 400 marks.

Section b
In this, 50 questions of 2 marks are asked in which Logical Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, Concept Formation, Abstract Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning are present.

DRDO eligibility
Students interested in DRDO should have a Bachelor of Engineering and Technology degree from a recognized university with a minimum of 60% marks in Science, Maths, Psychology. For this, the age of the applicant should be between 18 and 25 years. In this, students with some reserved classes get some relaxation. You can check about DRDO exam by visiting its official website.

DRDO Workbench
• Review of projects
• policy determination
• Organizing boards
• Monitoring the progress of works
• Land acquisition estate management
• Guarantor Guarantor
• Maintaining the data vase
• Approval of inventor
• Processing work for approval

Organizing seminars and seminars
DRDO was established to enrich the country by establishing it on a world-class science and technology basis and to connect the three Sainaos of the country with internationally competing systems and solutions.

Missile developed by DRDO
It has a height of 15 meters. It is a single stage solid fuel powered medium range ballistic missile with a firepower of 700-800 km. Huh.

It is a medium-range ballistic missile with a strike range of 2000–3000 km. is

It is an intermediate range ballistic missile with a strike range of 3000-5500 km. is.

Its firepower is 3500-4000 km. Huh.

It is India’s intercontinental ballistic missile and has a range of 5000-6000 km. Huh.

Prithvi-1 (SS-150)
(SS-150) Army version has a range of 1500 km. Its payload capacity is 1000 kg.

Prithvi – 2 (SS-250)
(SS-250) Air Force version with a range of 250 km. Its payload capacity is 500 kg.

Dhanush (SS-350)
(SS-350) is the naval version of Prithvi 3. (SS-350) is released from the ship, with an altitude of 350 km. They are capable of carrying nuclear warheads of up to 500 kg.

It is an air-to-air missile, it has the capability to intercept the aircraft of Dusman at supersonic speed with its firepower Head-On Mode 80 km. And 20 km in Tail-Chase Mode. Huh.

It is a quick-response, all-weather air missile with a strike range of 9 km. is.

It is a medium-range surface-to-air missile, it is 18000 m. 30 km to the target at that height. That has the ability to penetrate from a distance. It can carry a load of up to 50 kg.

It is a supersonic cruise missile that can be dropped from submarines, water ships, airplanes, or even land, with a range of 290 km. And the speed is 2.8 mec (equal to the speed of sound)

It is anti-tank missile, it works on the principle of stain and forget, it has a firepower of 4-6 km on the ground and a firepower of 7-8 km in Vayu. It is of 42 kg grams, it is 230 m. UR can move at a speed of one second.

It is a nuclear-powered submarine-to-ground ballistic missile. It is about 6.5 m. It is long and weighs 7 tons. Its firepower is 750 km. Occur. It is capable of carrying a 500 kg gram load.

It is a hypersonic missile with a range of 750–1900 km. The Shaurya missile has given the country the necessary second strike capability.

It is a long-range subsonic cruise missile with a range of 1000 km. And the speed is 0.7
DRDO has shown the country on the path of progress, it is a matter of pride for India.

The conclusion
Friends, in this post today, we have DRDO full form, full form of DRDO, DRDO full form in English, what is the full form of DRDO, DRDO recruitment, what is full form of DRDO, ITES, DRDO history, DRDO mining, DRDO established , DRDO means, DRDO expansion, DRDO offices, where is DRDO, mining of DRDO, DRDO branches, DRDO centers in India, DRDO labs in hyderbad, DRDO locations in India, DRDO headquarters address, defense research, DRDO founded, ADRDE full form, ADE full form, ARDE full form, CABS full form, ARDE full form, CABS full form, CAIR full from, CFEES full form, CHESS full form, CVRDE full form, DARE full form, DEBEL full form, DEAL full form, DFRL full form, DIBER full form, DIHAR full form, DIPAS full form, DIPR full form, DL full form, DLRL full form, DMSRDE full form, DMRL full form, DRDE full form, DRDL full form, DRL full form, DTRL full form, GTRE full form, HEMRL full form, INMAS full form, IRDE full form, ITR full form, JCB full form, LASTEC full form, LRDE full form, MTRDC full form, NMRL full form, NPOL full form, NSTL full form, PXE full form, RCI full form, RNDE full form, SAG full form, SASE full form, SSPL full form, TBRL full form, VRDE full form created by DRDO Know about Gaya Missile and hope that you will like this post, how did you find this post or if any kind of question related to this post comes to your mind, then please comment in the comment box.
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DRDO Full Form

What is full form DRDO, DLITES, CFEES, RCI best 2021

drdo headquarters
drdo headquarters

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