What is full form of Sensex or nifty best ideas 2021

What is full form of Sensex or nifty best ideas 2021

sensex data
sensex data

You must have heard about Sensex, Sensex is one such topic. Which Sensex is very important in the economy of the country In this post today, we will see Sensex full form, full form of Sensex, full form Sensex and nifty, full form of Sensex in English, what is the full form of Sensex, Sensex meaning of Learn about

What is Sensex or, Sensex meaning
What is full form of Sensex or nifty best ideas 2021 Sensex is one such topic. Due to which Sensex is very important nowadays, every day on television and newspapers are told about Sensex, not only that but many people start their day with Sensex. Often we hear today that Sensex has gained so many points or today Sensex has lost so many points. Whenever you think about investing in the Share Market, then definitely think about Sensex. But it is difficult to understand about these points. Sensex is meant to provide information about the stock market.

full form of sensex
full form of sensex

Sensex full form
stock exchange sensitive index

In what circumstances does Sensex fall by how many points and in which case do they increase by how many points. What is the benefit and loss due to increase and decrease of these digits?

The word Sensex is made up of two words, Sensitive and Index. It is made up of both Sensex. There are a total of 30 big companies listed in it. The 30 companies included in Sensex were incorporated for the first time in 1986, all these companies are financially quite powerful and also huge by market. The demand of the shares of these companies is always in the stock market. Such companies are called “blue chip” companies. The Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex currently consists of 31 companies in the BSE i.e. List of companies listed in BSE Sensex are as follows:
1 Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Lt.
2 Asian Paints
3 Axis Bank Ltd.
4 Bajaj Auto Ltd.
5 Bharti Airtel Ltd.
6 Cipla
7 Coal India Ltd.
8 Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd.
9 HDFC Bank Ltd.
10 Hero MotoCorp Ltd.
11 Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
12 Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd.
13 ICICI Bank Ltd.
14 ITC
15 Infosys Ltd.
16 Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
17 Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
18 Lupine
19 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
20 Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
21 NTPC Ltd.
22 Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.
23 Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.
24 Reliance Industries Ltd.
25 State Bank of India
26 Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
27 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
28 Tata Motors
29 Tata Motors – DVR Ordinary
30 Tata Steel Ltd.
31 Wipro Ltd.

what is hse engineer
what is hse engineer

How to make Sensex.
Sensex is made up of 30 companies listed on the Bombey Stock Exchange for their share prices or say prices. The companies that are listed on Vire Bombey Stock Exchange have more than 6000 in their ranks. These 30 companies are selected by the index committee of the stock exchange. These include heads of several classes such as banks and well known economists.

full form of Sensex
stock exchange sensitive index

How Sensex decreases and how it grows.
There are 30 big companies involved in this, which are coming up and down. When the share prices of the company increase then Sensex also increases when their shares are low then Sensex also starts to decline. It is also an important matter that after the company’s shares fall or their prices fall. The main reason for this is the performance value of that company. If a company is going to launch a new project in the market then it is natural that the share price of that company will increase.

Similarly, if a company is not launching any type of project in the market or is going through a difficult situation, then no one is interested in buying shares of that company and people want to leave. Then the shares of that company are sold in large quantities and the share prices decrease and Sensex starts to fall.
On what basis the company is selected.

full form of Sensex in English
stock exchange sensitive index

The choice of 30 companies in this election takes care of many things which are given as follows.
• The company’s shares must be listed on the stock exchange for at least one year or longer.
• Within the last one year, whenever the stock is opened in the stock market, it is mandatory to buy and sell the stock in the company every day.
According to the trade number and value of each day, those companies must be in the list of 150 big companies of the country.

Advantages of Sensex
There are many benefits of Sensex, the most advantages are those who can know and understand the changes in the future and invest their money accordingly. These have more advantages such as:
When Sensex goes up, investors also invest in those companies. And when a lot of money is collected by the investors, then the financial condition of the companies gets better and the company expands and in this situation the company needs a new employer and more and more people get jobs and less unemployed. Huh.
When there is a boom in the stock market, then many foreign investors come and invest in Indian companies and this increases the rupee. Such rupee is compelled by foreign currency. And as soon as the rupee gets stronger, things in the country become cheaper. For example, goods coming from Vidhesh become cheaper.
Since 1986 there have been many changes so far, in today’s time, the number of 100 to five digits has been touched by Sensex and the Indian stock market. In today’s time, this number has crossed 30, 000. This day is touching new heights. And investors are getting many benefits from it and it also has an important role in the economy.

sensex meaning
sensex meaning

What is the difference between Sensex and Nifty
There are a lot of differences between Sensex and Nifty.
1. Sensex started in 1986 while Nifty started in 1994.
2. Sensex is the Bombey Stock Exchange Index, the same is the index of the Nifty National Stock Exchange.
3. There are 30 companies under Sensex and 50 companies under Nifty.
4. The base year of Sensex is 1978 -79 while the base year of Nifty is 1995.

nse full form
nse full form

full form Sensex and nifty
stock exchange sensitive index
national stick exchange fifty
The conclusion
Yes friends, in this post today, we talk about Sensex full form, full form of Sensex, full form Sensex and nifty, full form of Sensex in English, what is the full form of Sensex, Sensex meaning If you like the post or want to ask any kind of question related to it, you can ask by commenting in the comment box.
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SENSEX Full Form

what is sensex
what is sensex

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