What is full form OK, PWD, CGPA best ideas 2021

Most important full form OK, PWD, CGPA best ideas


In today’s post, we will know about the complete form of OK, PWD, CGPA and what it is called, all the information through today’s post. So guys let’s go to this post

Most important full form OK, PWD, CGPA best ideas OK Full Form You will often use the word OK to do any right thing or when someone asks you to do some work. It has become a very common spoken word in today’s time.
Because everybody is using it today. However, there are many other short form words that people often use while chatting or writing or speaking something. If we want to understand about OK, then we can understand it with a few words.
For example, suppose someone is asking you to do some kind of work, like my brother called me and said that you go and bring me a vegetable from the market, in response, the man said that I am going to OK brother right now. . Meaning here I have used the word OK to fill the yes.
It is a very old word of English which we still use today. And this is a short form to fill your yes in English but it is very popular in today’s time, so let’s know everything about OK, what is the full form of OK.
ok full form in English
However, if it is seen, the word in English is all correct, the word OK has been used since a long time, but nowadays it has increased very much.
* The use of the word OK was first seen as a satire, but the history of the word OK is very old, this word is the most spoken word after the word hello or WhatsApp.
What is full form of OK
The use of the word OK is always very popular in the language of the book news paper, that OK means someone to say fame in their reply.
OK Other Meaning
All correct
Objection killed
All clear
objection know
* history of OK word

Most important full form OK, PWD, CGPA best ideas

The word OK is a decade old. The word OK was originated from America. In the year 1839, chales grodon green used the word OK for joking in the office, followed by boston morning post on 23 March 1839, which was completed. Meaning oll korrect was stated.
* tips
friend write this above today, in this post, OK has been told about the full form, Okay, as well as how the word of the success was how the word OK started to be used by whom the word was first used by everyone. The information given in the above post is now you will feel that you have to click on the OK button to make any kind of new settings in the mobile, that means you have given permission to change that setting.


PWD Full Form – What is the full form of PWD. What is your full name What are the uses under this? What is PWD called ENGLISH, what is the meaning of PWD ENGLISH. Today we will give you information related to all these things in this post.
Full form of PWD
P – public
W – works
D – department
What is PWD
It is a government organization working at a state level. It is a subordinate work of the road construction department.
PWD Main Functions
PWD office has been set up in every city in India, which also provides for road repair, construction of new roads, construction of government roads, hospital bridges.
What is the full form of PWD
P –persons
W –with
D –disabilities

This term is used for people who are mentally or physically incomplete, such a person is given a certificate of disability by the government.
CGPA Full Form, CGPA Full Form in ENGLISH, What is CGPA Full Form. How to Calculate  CGPA What is the full name and meaning of. Full form of CGPA , what is the full form of CGPA if you do not have complete knowledge of CGPA. So in today’s article, we are going to tell you about this. Because the question often arises in the minds of many CBSE students how the CGPA is calculated. And how to calculate Percentage from CGPA. If you want to get full information about it. So read the next post carefully!
full form of CGPA
C – cumulative
G – grade
P – point
A –averaje
What is a CGPA
It is an education grading system that is used to measure students’ academy performance in college school.

Most important full form OK, PWD, CGPA best ideas

How to calculate CGPA?
For any student to remove his CGPA, first of all, add the number found in the total subject. After that, divide the number of subjects that are there (Devide). Let us understand this with the help of an example.
Suppose there are a total of 5 subjects and among them your grades have come up.
Subject 1:06
Subject 2:07
Subject 3:08
Subject 4:09
Subject 5:10

Combine all the grade points found from these – 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 = 40
Now divide 40 by the number of subjects which is 5. 40 ÷ 5 = 8
You have 8 numbers, this is your CGPA. Let us now know how to extract its percentage.
To remove Percentage from CGPA, we will multiply (multiply) the number of CGPA by 9.5. Ie 8 × 9.5 = 76℅
Now look at the table below to find your grade in the Percentage found.
Percentage CGPA
91-100 A +
81-90 A
71-80 B +
61-70 B B
51-60 C +
41-50 C
33-40 D
21-30 E
If you have used little information about OK, PWD, CGPA and full form, then do share it with your friends.
If you want to ask any question related to this post, then you can definitely ask in the comment box below. Thank you

Most important full form OK, PWD, CGPA best ideas

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