What is full form BBA, ITI, MI best ideas 2021

Most important full form BBA, ITI, MI best ideas

In today’s post, we will know about the full form of BBA, ITI, MI and what it is called, all the information through today’s post. So guys let’s go to this post
Most important full form BBA, ITI, MI best ideas We will talk about the full form of BBA, first we will discuss about BBA, what is BBA, how to do, what should be the qualification to do BBA, how many courses are involved in doing BBA courses, what subjects have to be studied in those courses. And the top BBA will talk about the college.


What is BBA: –
BBA is a course of 3-6 years under which the student is given information about marketing, finance international business, human resource.
BBA full form: –
B – bachelor
A – administration


BBA introduction: –
To do BBA course, one has to invent the entrance exam first. However, some private institutions take direct admission. But for the selection of good college, entrance examination has to be given, for admission in BBA college in India, admission is taken through the Institute of the following entrance examinations, which is given below.
Full form of BBA
B – bachelor
A – administration
Full form of NAPT
N – nation
P – programs
A – after
T – twelfth
Its name has since been changed to NMIMS.
NMIMS Full form
M- monjee

Most important full form BBA, ITI, MI best ideas

This is an exam organized body which is a two-hour entrance exam from a student to do BBA cars once a year at the national level once a year.
DUJAT full form: –
D – delhi
A – admission
IPMAT full form: –
I – integrated
P – program
M – management
A – aptitude
T – test
U – under
G- graduate
A – aptitude
T – test
AIMA full form
A – all
I – india
M – management
A – association
SET full form
S – stands for state
E – eligibility
T – test
Let us talk about its subject, after reading it, one gets a degree.
bba course full form
B – bachelor
A – administration
BBA Subjects
Semester 1
• Business English – I
• Business Mathematics – I
• Principles of Micro Economics
• Principles of Financial Accounting
• Fundamentals of Information Technology
• Elements of Management
• Enrichment Course-I
Semester 2
• Business English – II
• Principles of Macro Economics
• Business Mathematics – II
• Logic & Critical Thinking
• Company Accounts
• Introduction to Indian Society
• Enrichment Course –II
Semester 3
• Introduction to Indian Business Environment
• Introduction to Business Statistics
• Government & Business
• Cost & Management Accounting
• Enrichment Course -III
• Oral Communication in Business
• Managerial Skills
Semester 4
• Taxation
• Introduction to Operations Research
• ntroduction to Organizational Behavior
• Introduction to Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
• English Literature
• Indian Business History
• Enrichment Course –IV
• Introduction to Environmental Management
Semester 5
• Introduction to Operations Management
• Business Law
• Human Resource Management
• Indian Economy
• Fundamentals of Financial Management
• Marketing Management
• Enrichment Course –V
Semester 6
• Fundamental of International Business
• Entrepreneurship
• Principles of Research Methodology
• Introduction to Strategic Management
• Management Information System
• Financial Services
what is the full form of bba
B – bachelor
A – administration
Top B.B.A. Colleges in India
• Christ University (Bangalore)
• Loyola College (Chennai)
• Amity University (Noida)
• Department of Management, J.D Birla Institute (Kolkata)
• Jagan Institute of Management Studies (Delhi)
• Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (Mumbai)

Most important full form BBA, ITI, MI best ideas

Job after doing BBA
After doing BBA, you can apply for the following jobs mentioned below, but there are other fields in which you can give your service. Here we are telling about a few selected jobs.
• Information Systems Manager
• Human Resources (HR)
• Marketing Excutive
• Marketing Manager
• Financial Analyst
So Friends i Hope (BBA Full Form In Hindi) i.e. B.B.A. What is it? How do they do this? Would have liked the information given above. If you have any more questions about BBA. So feel free to ask in the comment box. Also, do not forget to share this information with your friends on social media. So that your friends can also make their future bright.



What is the full name of MI, where is this company. Who started it and how did it become so popular? If you also want answers to some of these types of questions. So in today’s article, we are going to provide you detailed information about it. So let’s know without delay. What is its full form? By the way, if you are reading this article in Redmi’s mobile at the moment, then it is a good thing.
mi full form
:-Xiaomi has become such a brand today. The discussion of which can be seen even in far-off countries. Because this Chinese mobile company has made itself successful in a very short time. And today, Xiaomi is counted among the top 10 Android mobile companies in the world. Because whenever new smartphones are launched in the market by Mi company. So after a few hours it becomes out of stock. That means millions of people are already sitting ready to buy it.
full form of mi

M – myocardial

I – infarction
History of Xiaomi
In today’s time, Xiaomi has become the largest mobile manufacturer of China, whose phones are well liked all over the world besides India. Not only this, it is also known by the name of ‘Apple of China’. Which is also known for making other types of electronic devices apart from making mobile devices. Its headquarters is located in Beijing. Which was started on 6 April 2010 by a person named Lee Joon.
what is the full form of mi mobile
This company manufactures products in collaboration with some subsidiaries. And sells it in the market. Redmi comes at the top of its subsidiaries. After that companies like Huami, Mijia, Blackshark, PocoPhone Viomi are also involved in this. Who works together. And manufactures products such as tablets, computers, laptops, smart TVs, home appliances.
What is Mi Full Form? It is said that the company. And what products does Xiaomi manufacture. You might know, if you need any more information. So you can write your question in the comment box. Also liked the information.

Most important full form BBA, ITI, MI best ideas



ITI Full Form, how many trades are in ITI, how much does it cost, where to do ITI, where can you do the job after doing it, what should be the eligibility to do ITI Course, full form of iti, if You are also searching for this type of information.
If you have passed the 10th or 12th examination, then you get an off course to do many courses, especially after passing the 12th, a lot of further reading opens up, but after 10th most people like Polytechnic or ITI If we are willing to do the course, then today we will learn more about the ITI course.
After doing 10th or 12th, a three-year course is offered for doing polytechnics. If a student wants to do ITI, then the ITI course ends in 6 months to 2 years.
ITI full form
I – industrial
T – training
I – institute
ITI course is very popular course in India, for this course, students who have passed 10th or 12th show more heartfelt.
What is ITI?
ITI is an industrial course in which all the courses related to the students are conducted. After doing this course, the student becomes eligible to work on the industrial lining. The student is prepared with practical and theory knowledge in any trade of ITI. After doing this course, many government jobs also get employment opportunities like apprentice job and trend job in railway, new tips, hall steel company.

Full form of ITI
I – industrial
T – training
I – institute
ITI trade course
: – In ITI, trade is considered a turning point in the life of a student because the student is not able to get the trade according to the goal, he has to face a lot of trouble. The job can easily be found in a practical institution
iti full form in English
Such as Electrician, Fitter, Welder etc. But apart from these, there is trade which is as follows.
• Carpenter
• Book Binder
• Plumber
• Pattern Maker
• Mason Building Constructor
• Foundry Man
• Advanced Wedding
• Wire-man
• Tool And Die Maker
• Turner
• Machinists
• Mechanic Diesel
• Network Technician
• Hair and Skins Care
• Baker And Confectioner
• Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA)
what is the full form of iti
I – industrial
T – training
I – institute
How much does it take to do iti?
On doing this course from a government college, there is no way to pay fees that there is no indisposition to admission in a government college, first one has to give admission, after passing the entrance examination, according to the rank, there is an allotment of the college to do the course in private institute. Have to spend from 10 thousand to 30 thousand
Benefits of doing iti
The biggest advantage of doing ITI is that you can complete this course within 6 months or even 2 years, while you have to give 3 to 4 years to do other courses.
ITI is a cheaper option for those students who are unable to continue their further studies due to lack of money.
This course can also be done after 8th, 10th, after which you can earn money by getting a job as well as depositing money for your further studies.
what is iti full form
I – industrial
T – training
I – institute
Jobs after ITI
Most of you students will want to know that after doing ITI we can say job and how much salary will be received in that job, then we would like to tell you that if you want to work in a private sector, then you will have 10 to 10 You will get a job of up to 20 thousand rupees, apart from this, if you get a job in the government factory, railways, Delhi metro, then you can earn 30 to 50 thousand rupees a month, although to get jobs in them, you will have to enter and interview Have to pass.
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Most important full form BBA, ITI, MI best ideas

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